Call For Papers (now closed)

This workshop aims to build a community around designing interactions for outdoor play.

This workshop responds to an important societal problem of people playing outside less and less, leading to reduced health, educational, and social benefits. For adults, outdoor play can provide stress relief, opportunity for social interactions and benefit physical health and well-being. For children, unstructured play outdoors is important for emotional, social and physical development.

Motivated by the opportunities and challenges in this area, we invite a diverse set of practitioners and researchers who will likely enjoy exploring the technical and methodological challenges of designing for outdoor play.

This one-day workshop will involve traditional games and play, proprietary outdoor games / toys, making using to-hand materials, and most importantly, people with diverse backgrounds exploring and collecting insights through outdoor play in Glasgow.

To apply to the workshop, please submit a position paper in the CHI Extended Abstract format to

(DEADLINE extension)  (on or before) 20 February 2019 .  The call for papers is now closed. Thank you for all your interest. Please visit our submissions page to see some of the position papers submitted.

Submissions should be 2 to 4 pages (references do not count towards page limit) and include:

1)           A description of the authors past work and future work related to outdoor play.

2)           A statement of the authors’ interest in this workshop.

Submissions will be evaluated by peer-review process. At least one author from the accepted submission will be expected to register to the CHI conference and workshop. This work will be used to build outdoor play as an area of interest, a formal/informal network, and promote future collaborations.

Please come back to our website to see author position papers and the workshop day itself.