The workshop will be held in SEC centre in Glasgow from 8:00 to 14:00.

We are in Room Alsh 1 – There will be signs and student volunteers throughout the building to help us and attendees find the correct room

8.00am               Expected arrival of attendees and organisers.

8.15am               Introductions from the organisers and plan for the day. We will place this on the projector as well as provide handouts.

8.30am               Timed 3 minute intros from everyone at the workshop.

Organisers will get up first and for those not yet introduced, this will be time for a quick hello, mention of their affiliation, research interests and what you hope to get out of the day. This will take around an hour given the number of attendees.

Optional – you may bring a photo or resource for outdoor play that might inspire you for the day.

9.30am               First exercise: we will define what we mean by “outdoor play”. The room will be split into three groups with the intention of capturing the ongoing collective creativity in the form of design cards.

10.00am             Group presentation from this first exercise – defining what “outdoor play” we will be working to on the day.

10.30am             We will leave the building and walk together as a large group to three spaces. There will be an option to grab conference coffee / tea at this time as the morning coffee break will have started om Hall 5a 10.20 – 11.00.

The route will be making careful use of conference exits to make the distance shorter.

11.00am             Pumphouse Visitor centre

We will walk to the Pumphouse Visitor centre to pick up our lunches and then continue to look at each of the spaces before groups will split to play there.

11.30am             Outdoor exercise 2 / create new digital play outside

We will use a set of non-digital resources to create “Magic Machines” [Andersen] for outdoor play.

Andersen’s Magic Machines are low-fi objects built from paper, cardboard, wood, string and plastic. These machines will be used to imagine future play not limited by what is technically possible in a short workshop such as this or even with current technology.

We will provide pens / paper, plastic bags, rubber bands, coffee cups and designs may use found objects (a term originating from the French “objet trouvé”).

12.00am             The time will be used to refine each idea in the outdoor space. These need not work but it might be possible to pretend “play test” to see how this idea might work with added digital technology.

12.30am             We will return back to the workshop room for a working lunch to continue working on our designs.

1.00am              Everyone will be expected to get back for this time to finalise our work from the day.

1.30pm              Group Show-and-Tell, then a summary by the organisers and talk about future work and collaboration.

2.00pm              Close

3.00pm              Meetup for optional food and refreshments

Everyone is invited to come to the Finnieston Bar / Restaurant in the afternoon that also has vegetarian, vegan and other options.

Andersen K. Making Magic Machines, 2013.